Empire Harley-Davidson

Free Tires For Life


FREE TIRES FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR MOTORCYCLE When you PURCHASE A NEW motorcycle at Empire Harley-Davidson


The motorcycle must have all routine service events recommended by Harley-Davidson performed by Empire Harley-Davidson’s Service Department on or about the recommended mileage or time intervals specified in the Owner’s Instruction Manual provided with the motorcycle. Accomplishing such service events is the Purchaser’s responsibility and shall be scheduled and performed in accordance with Empire Harley-Davidson’s normal Service Department procedures. 

So long as all routine service requirements for the qualifying motorcycle are complied with, tires will be replaced based on Harley-Davidson recommended minimum safe tread measurements. A tire with minimum or less safe tread measurement will be replaced. Damaged tires (whether due to accident or neglect [including but not limited to cupping caused by operating under low tire pressure, burnouts, etc.]) being replaced to correct such damage will not qualify for full or partial replacement. Empire Harley-Davidson retains the sole right to determine when a tire is damaged. 

Tires are expected to have a minimum tread life of 8,000 miles or reach a minimum 3/32 tread depth. The cost of any replacement tire for existing tires less than 8,000 miles will be prorated with the Purchaser paying a percentage of the cost of the replacement tire represented by the percentage of the mileage on the tire less than 8,000 miles. The cost of installation will not be prorated. 

Tires will be replaced based on Purchaser arranging for a normal scheduled service appointment with Empire Harley-Davidson’s Service Department. 

Empire Harley-Davidson will provide, at no cost to Purchaser, a current, Harley-Davidson recommended replacement tire for the original tire purchased on the motorcycle. No aftermarket or other special tires will be provided. 

The Purchaser will be required to pay Empire Harley-Davidson for all required ancillary parts (e.g. valve stems, wheels, tubes, etc.) and then current retail labor pricing for labor install and shop supplies for all labor associated with the replacement of a tire or tires. 

This program will provide tires to a single purchaser for a specific VIN motorcycle for the period of time it is owned by the initial registered owner. Any change in ownership, or failure to change registration of ownership when practical ownership or control of the motorcycle changes, will terminate this program for the Purchaser’s motorcycle and all of its benefits. Any surrender, voluntary or involuntary of the motorcycle to a lender will terminate this program for the Purchaser’s motorcycle even if the motorcycle registration is not changed. It is the customer’s responsibility to present this record when requesting a new tire or tires.You will not be eligible for a replacement tire if, and for so long as, you have any unpaid debt owed to Empire Harley-Davidson.