Ran & Gui's Food Truck is Rolling into Empire Harley-Davidson!

Event location

Empire Harley-Davidson


03 August 2024 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Get ready for a flavor-packed adventure because Ran & Gui's Kitchen is bringing their delectable dishes straight to Empire Harley-Davidson! 

🌟 Indulge in a variety of tantalizing treats:

  • Mild or spicy wings that will make your taste buds dance
  • Soul food classics that warm the heart and satisfy the soul
  • Fresh seafood dishes bursting with flavor
  • Authentic Caribbean delights that transport you to the islands

At Ran & Gui's, every dish is crafted with love and made from scratch using the freshest ingredients. From their signature pepper sauce to their irresistible flavored BBQ sauce, each bite promises an unforgettable journey of taste and texture.

Ran & Gui's Kitchen is a cherished family-owned business with decades of experience in serving up scrumptious meals. Their passion for food and dedication to hospitality ensure that every customer feels welcomed and cherished.

So mark your calendars and bring your appetite! Whether you're a Harley enthusiast or a foodie seeking culinary delights, Ran & Gui's Food Truck at Empire Harley-Davidson is the place to be.

We can't wait to see you there!

Ran & Gui's Food Truck is Rolling into Empire Harley-Davidson!