Learn To Ride The Right Way With MSS & Empire Harley-Davidson®

Learn To Ride The Right Way With MSS & Empire Harley-Davidson®

Are you enticed by the thrill of taking in the open road on a Harley-Davidson®, but have never ridden a Harley® before? Saddle up with Empire Harley-Davidson® and MSS.

Before first getting out in traffic, take a basic rider course. This is very important. You will want to get trained and licensed to even understand where your skill level is. The more skill you have, the more confidence you will obtain as you ride.

A good rider course will stress five key points.

  • Get well trained before riding.
  • Wear protective gear every time, including a helmet manufactured to the standards set by the Department of Transportation.
  • Ride unimpaired by alcohol or other drugs.
  • Ride within your own skill limits.
  • Be a lifelong learner by taking refresher rider courses.

Established in 1999, Motorcycle Safety School (MSS) has become the largest training school in New York State due to its focus on providing the best possible educational experience for its students. MSS offers a wide range of courses and individual private lessons for beginner, intermediate and experienced riders.

Now because we at Empire believe that no should learn to ride on anything less than a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, we've teamed teamed up with MSS's Lehman College location to provide riders the opportunity to take their course on one of Harley-Davidson's newest and most accessible motorcycles: The Street® 500.

These bikes are really easy to ride. The weight and heavier wheels add a great deal of stability and balance. They have a low center of gravity and a relatively modest power output.

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"I've taken my rider course, now what?"

Empire Harley-Davidson® is convenient to anyone looking for information about Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Stop by our dealership in New Rochelle, New York and let a motorcycle specialist know you're a new rider. They will help you select the right bike for your size, leg length and style.

The bike you should choose depends on the kind of riding you will be doing. Will you be touring, cruising, doing light highway riding, or just riding around town? Cruisers are made for relaxed, laid back riding. Explain to your Harley-Davidson® salesman what your riding preference is, and talk to them about your skill level.

The Harley-Davidson® fit specialists at Empire Harley-Davidson® will help you choose a bike that also takes into account how big the rider is.

A smaller person might choose a sportster, which may work great for someone less than 170 pounds and under 5 feet 7 inches tall, but sportier bikes may not be the best bike for a beginner. The first bike should be one that is not so much designed for sportiness and speed but one that will allow you to get familiar with riding, safely and comfortably.

The Dyna and Softail are good middleweight bikes for beginners. Even though the Softail is bigger than the Dyna, they both are small enough to handle with ease; yet, heavy enough to have stability.

You can find out more about training courses at Empire Harley-Davidson®. Come in today and ask a Harley-Davidson® specialist to help you find the right course and right bike to start your Harley-Davidson® experience today.