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Empire Harley-Davidson® Service Department

Empire Harley-Davidson® Service Department

The credibility of our Service Department is absolutely astounding.  We have top factory-trained technicians on duty during all business hours.

We honor all Harley-Davidson approved warranty work and recalls. Our goal is to problem that may arise with your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in an efficient, precise, and timely manner.

Find Out For Yourself Why Tri-State Area Harley® Riders Trust Empire Harley-Davidson® With Their Iconic Rides
The Harley-Davidson® brand certainly stands out in a crowd. Why? It's simple. Tri-State Area Harley® riders have come to trust the brand for three key reasons: they trust the quality, the craftsmanship, and they respect the brand that has garnered praise from motorcycle riders the world over.

With a heritage that is over 100 years strong, Harley® outpaces the competition in technology and American craftsmanship. Individual craftsmen pay such attention to detail that the goal is to make each part of a Harley® a masterpiece.

Among Tri-State Area Harley® dealers, there's none better than Empire Harley-Davidson® to represent all that Harley® embodies. At Empire's, New Rochelle, NY Harley® dealership, customers can always expect to get a premium experience whenever they visit. The customer service representatives are highly trained. They can explain all that anyone needs to know about Harley®.

Harley-Davidson riders are a very diverse group of people. They are men, women, young and old who seek out Harley-Davidson® without the need for sleek marketing ads and campaigns. They have one thing in common - they simply want to "belong," to be a part of America's freewheeling symbol of the road. That's why Harley-Davidson® is America's trusted brand and why we want be your trusted service provider. Come stop by our service department at Empire Harley-Davidson® or contact us with any Harley®-related questions you may have.

Service Recommendations and Delivery

Please call our Service Department at (914) 632-6743 to schedule your service work.

Need Help?

Call our service department at (914) 632-6743.